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Products - DP 2000M (10-30KVA) UPS


Presenting the DP2000M UPS, manufactured with a modular design, incorporating a removable power module. Replacement power modules are available on a service exchange basis, reducing down time and facilitating simpler, faster on-site repair.

The DP2000M Series UPS, is a transformer based, three phase supply, single phase output, true on-line, double conversion UPS and the load is supplied with clean sine wave power from the inverter. Incorporating the latest IGBT technology in the power stages, and microprocessor technology in the control stages, protects the provision of safe, reliable power to the critical loads, regardless of severe disturbances on the incoming supply. A standard make before break maintenance bypass switch is provided, to enable maintenance isolation on the system. This allows the load to be switched directly onto the utility supply, without interruption of the load supply.

These single phase units are built in a tower configuration, and are available in 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA and 30KVA.External battery cabinets are available for extended run times, as well as customised constructions in additional power and voltage configurations, are available on request.